Sazam Tours & Travelling Agent gives a great honor to welcome you to the land of Tanzania and the beautiful archipelago of Zanzibar Historic Islands.


The mysterious islands of Zanzibar will make you feel and see the romantic past, think of famous sailors full of adventures, triumph and tragedies of the people. You will always tread a path that has been worn by generation of travelers and sea adventures for many centuries and much more.

Stone Town (City Tour)

This tour takes you through fabled Stone Town, where history appears to stand still. With visits to the House of Wonders, the Palace Museum (People's Palace), Dr Livingstone's House and the Arab Fort amongst others, it is a fascinating look..

Tanzania Safaris

And yet there is more to Tanzania than just safaris. There is Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru, respectively the highest and fifth-highest peaks on the continent. And Lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa, the three largest freshwater bodies in Africa..